Empower yourself by linking all your applications and devices in a standardized way and let your organization flourish owing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Let Binary Republik connect all your applications and devices by putting together all the right components and disencumber yourself of the need to crank out custom code repeatedly.

Why link all your technology platform and devices? Why you shouldn’t use code to pull it off?

IT Industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. Number of applications, data and devices are increasing at an alarmingly faster rate. Thus, problem of connecting all these technology platforms, applications and devices is deteriorating alongside. Piecing all these technology platforms together with code is not a sustainable way as it is expensive, and changes need to be made are too numerous and frequent.

Mulesoft provides one platform called Anypoint Design Center. It lets you design, build and integrate APIs using one unified platform, be it on premise or cloud. It expedites your development with reusable APIs and connectors and security features like edge gateways, encryption, and prebuilt security policies complement it efficiently. Its future-proof architecture allows you to move your integration from on-premise to cloud without writing a single line of code.

Lately, Salesforce acquired Mulesoft, which has enriched set of features MuleSoft can boasts of. Being part of Salesforce Integration cloud, it enables all enterprises to let their data surface irrespective of where it is stored to deliver solutions that are intelligent, intuitive and connected across all channels and platforms.

Binary Republik has been delivering solutions across a wide range of technology platforms that includes SharePoint, Content Management Systems like SiteFinity, Umbraco, SiteCore, Application Development with and Salesforce. Experience and expertise that we have acquired over the years across diverse technology platforms have helped us genned up on the essential elements of these technology platforms. Being aware of the very roots of these technologies, we can analyze your current business scenarios and come up with the best approach and solution to integrate all your applications and devices, thus ensuring you have all your data at one place regardless of where it resides, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.