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With a proven track record for a range of successful Salesforce implementations that encompasses categories ranging from Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Einstein Analytics Cloud, to Integration with Salesforce and Salesforce Mobility, we have been able to excel in the area of building effective Salesforce Solutions for our customers and much more than just living up to their expectations.

Our team of Salesforce experts are tuned to providing our clients with a systematized, intuitive and a cost-effective experience, thus ensuring that they have their business process set up to function efficiently.

  • Salesforce Design & Implementation
  • Salesforce Design & Implementation
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Migration
  • Salesforce Mobility Solution
  • Salesforce EinStein

Salesforce Design & Implementation

Rolling out Salesforce across your organization will require a thorough thought process along with implementation strategy. We understand your need to replace outworn and defunct processes with a unified application that can revolutionize your existing process and streamline your business operations.

We can help you with your Salesforce Implementation that will remould your existing process, transform the way you collaborate and communicate; and help you prosper by fostering meaningful relationships.

Our Services include - Salesforce Sales Cloud , Salesforce Service Cloud , Salesforce Marketing Cloud , Salesforce Community Cloud.

Salesforce Customization

We understand your organization growth is hampered by monotonous and repetitive processes and it calls for an efficient solution that will streamline your business process, thus enhance the productivity and future growth.

Our methodology involves, scrutiny of your current business process for gap analysis and discovery of any operational disparities. Based on these learning we draw up a plan for any Salesforce Customizations required to streamline the operations.

During the customization phase we follow agile development methodology to ensure reviews and refinements at each stage to smoothen the transition.

We are equipped with the expertise and experience to finesse in custom development of Force.com, Salesforce App-exchange, Salesforce Visual Force and Salesforce Lightning Components.

You can browse our past performance with Custom Development following this link.

Integration With Salesforce

Efficiency and Productivity of your organization is getting marred by data that is strewn from Excel files to sticky notes or Your business processes are getting bogged down due to scattered data? Salesforce Integration can scoop you out of this quagmire and boosts efficiency of your organization. Our Services accompanied by pre-integration and post-integration check will not only ensure seamless integration but, it will also see to data integrity and coherence. It will expedite your current business processes by systematizing data in Salesforce. We are outfitted to perform integration of REST full & SOAP APIs, Integration with other Data Repositories, Payment gateway Integration, Integration from Salesforce to 3rd party apps like Quick Base, PIER, Azure etc. and Integration with Legacy system.

We have helped a wide array of clients spread across industries, you can take a look at our Salesforce Integration Projects which should give you an idea about solutions we offer.

Salesforce Migration

We often get ensnared in situation where migration becomes imperative requirement or every now and then, a need for migration keeps cropping up, be it from one Org to other Org within Salesforce or Salesforce to Other Third-Party systems. We adhere to Salesforce best practices from the moment requirements are tabled to its fulfillment. We set about it with detailed scrutiny of the existing system and any possible repercussion arising out of the migration. It is followed up by the determination of right tools and approach. A meticulous check after migration is done to unearth even the most minor disparity. Our Salesforce Support team sticks up for you during the entire migration to ensure smooth transition.

Portfolio – Salesforce Migration Projects

Salesforce Mobility Solution

Our experience across all technologies complemented by Salesforce Expertise has enabled us to sit at the very zenith of the Salesforce mobile Solutions. The expertise that we acquired from mobile solutions has paid off while delivering Salesforce mobile solutions. We can piece together the required components that are available off the shelf or build custom components and then put them together to meet the requirements. We have been delivering Mobile Solution since our genesis. We started off with SharePoint and ASP.net based mobile solutions and gradually broke into Salesforce Mobile Customization. If you have been stumbling upon business requirements that calls for a bespoke application that can take your business wherever you go. Salesforce Mobile App is what you are looking for. With Salesforce Mobile App, you can speed up your daily task, be it closing deals, pulling up sales figures with a tap or collaborating with your colleagues and customers on the go. Our prowess to build intuitive, captivating and sturdy Salesforce Mobile App is what makes us stand out. You can take a look at some of recent Mobile Projects following this link.

Salesforce EinStein

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of artificial Intelligence into your Salesforce cloud. We can gather up your business requirements and recommend the right Salesforce Einstein implementation. From its beginning, we will steer you constantly and steadily until its culmination. Salesforce Einstein is Data-Ready, Modeling-Ready and Production-Ready AI that can intelligently anticipate next Opportunities and exceed customer needs in Sales Cloud, Close Cases before they happen in Service Cloud and help you outsmart others by inculcating intelligence everywhere in your Salesforce Cloud. Our offerings include - Sales Cloud Einstein, Service Cloud Einstein, Marketing and Analytics Cloud Einstein, Community Cloud Einstein, IoT Cloud Einstein, App Cloud Einstein.

Portfolio – Salesfoce EinStein

We put all the stakeholders on same table to ensure each one of them is clear about the objectives and thus focused in the same direction for the desired outcome. As a part of our development methodology, Our Salesforce consultants strictly follow Industry best practices to ensure the highest quality of delivery and coding standards.